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Traditional woodstoves

These stoves fall into period styles, with distinctive designs such as gothic arches, Edwardian or perhaps Art Deco. In the early 1970 when woodstoves made a comeback, the established manufacturers simply resurrected these old patterns and resumed manufacturing.

These stoves are often purchased by owners over more modern stoves simply because they fit into housing styles and furniture. Frequently this type of stove has been remodelled to reflect the use of glass in doors; this was not possible due to the durability of glass sections until 1980, when ceramic glass was invented by Cornings and first used on ceramic hot plates, space shuttles, and then woodstoves. At first this glass was very expensive but now normally used allowing very large glass areas.

These traditional stoves can be used in free-standing situations but rarely comply with locating against timber stud or plastered walls without extensive fire protection.

There are newly designed stoves - normally of a contemporary style - that do meet these stringent controls, so traditional stoves are normally fitted into existing altered fireplaces or inglenooks.