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Contemporary woodstoves

These are normally very clean and undecorated, often in stunning colours, and are designed to be placed near plasterwork or sometimes stud walls and very often on hearths located directly onto timber floors.

Manufacturers will state the installation requirements for each model of stove. These recently-designed stoves often meet requirements of current house designs and building code bylaws for air supplies (mandatory for all woodstoves fitted after 2010), often with self closing doors and outside air supplies to ensure air tightness of houses is maintained. These contemporary woodstoves have low outputs but high efficiency simply because house insulation is being raised year on year to meet targets of sustainability, in new build the target being zero or near zero energy input for space heating by 2050. Larger manufacturers have used the energy efficiency and lower emissions quest and research to upgrade traditional stoves to meet the new 2022 energy efficiency and emission targets, these being available today right across the range of woodstoves we sell.