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6 Year Workmanship and Equipment Warranty

Customer warranty for installation services from 8th December 2011

This Warranty sets out the terms upon which The Woodstove Shop Limited  offers warranty cover for the Products supplied by it to its Customers, and for the installation services provided by The Woodstove Shop Limited Registered Installers. Terms defined in The Woodstove Shop Limited  Terms and Conditions bear the same meaning when used in this warranty. Your attention is drawn to The Woodstove Shop Limited Terms and Conditions, which includes provisions relevant to the warranty set out below.

1. Installation services

1.1. The Woodstove Shop Limited  warrants to you that the Installation Services will be performed by the appropriately qualified and trained The Woodstove Shop Limited Registered Installers using reasonable care and skill, to such high standard of quality as it is reasonable for you to expect.

1.2. The Warranty Period for the Installation Services shall be six years from completion of the Installation Services.

2. Remedial Action

2.1. If you make a valid claim about our service in accordance with The Woodstove Shop Limited Terms and Conditions, The Woodstove Shop Limited may arrange for the relevant Products to be reinstalled by any of The Woodstove Shop Limited Registered or approved Installers or refund to the Customer the charge for the relevant part of the Installation Service (or a proportionate part of such charge).

3. Exceptions

3.1. This Warranty will only apply:

3.1.1. If the Product has been supplied and installed by an The Woodstove Shop Limited Registered Installer and has been properly used and maintained throughout the Warranty Period. Proof will be required, including sweeping of flues at least once a year and a twice yearly service on Biomass boilers burning wood pellets or wood derivatives. A receipt for each sweeping and service will need to be presented for the duration of the warranty.

3.1.2. If you have informed The Woodstove Shop Limited of the alleged defect within the Warranty Period and within a reasonable period of discovery.

3.1.3 All payments have been made in full on entire contract within the agreed time frame and at the agreed contract price. Plus any extra and authorised works agreed during works being undertaken during this contract, also need to be settled in full with no discounts or retentions unless agreed within the contract.

4. General conditions

4.1. You will promptly provide all information and support during business hours including access to site and services reasonably necessary to enable The Woodstove Shop Limited to evaluate any alleged defect and to perform its obligations under this Warranty.

4.2. You agree that all premises, plant, power, fuel support services and other inputs that you provide for the installation and use of the Products are reasonable, are fit for purpose and will be properly used and provided.

5. Third Party Rights

5.1. When The Woodstove Shop Limited  has installed a system in a property that is sold within the Warranty Period the warranty will pass to the new legal owner of the property. A transfer fee will be recharged by Instant Chimneys Ltd of £50.00 as of January 2012 and variable without notice to cover internal record keeping and the issue of new documentation. It may not be transferred to or exercised by any third party.

6. Law

6.1. This warranty is governed by English law and the English courts or by the law and the courts governing where your property is if this is outside England or Wales.

7. Manufacturer's Product Warranty

7.1. Most Products supplied by The Woodstove Shop Limited come with the benefit of a manufacturer's product guarantee. There is a limited manufacturer's warranty on the flue lining systems of not less than ten years and up to 20 years on some systems, see your original quotation. On woodstoves and Biomass boilers there is also a limited warranty for up to ten years. Where a claim in respect of any of the Products is notified to The Woodstove Shop Limited by you in accordance with the The Woodstove Shop Limited Terms and Conditions, The Woodstove Shop Limited  will liaise with the manufacturer and use all reasonable endeavours to secure a replacement of the Product (or the part in question) or a refund of the price of the Product (or a proportionate part of the price). Excludes scaffolding and or labour charges.


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