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Choosing the right stove

With a wide range of stoves available it is important to choose the stove that is right for you.  

The starting point is whether you want to heat a single room or the whole house.  There is a wide variety of styles to suit all tastes from the traditional to very contemporary. Matching the heat output of a stove with the room it is going to heat is very important and the rule of thumb guide is : height x width x depth in meters divided by 14. This is based on average house insulation with room temperatures of 20°C and an outside ambient temperature of -1°C.

Installing a stove is not a DIY job and a competent installer should be engaged. HETAS runs the largest competent persons scheme for installers and works closely with the industry to improve standards. A competent person with the relevant accreditation can certify the installation safe. Otherwise the installation must be inspected and approved by building control.


Structural building alterations

Structural building alterations cannot be signed off by a HETAS registered engineer, these briefly are:

Structural alterations – where structural calculations are required such as removing and replacing of structural lintels supporting a fireplace and/or systems and reconstruction of the fireplace opening.

Part or full rebuilding of chimney stacks – penetration by flue of external walls

Changing any structural support – In any part of any building covered by building control.

Fees are payable and plans and method statements need to be submitted. Structural calculations maybe required by a registered structural engineer. A competent person is not permitted to carry out part or all of the above without a building notice in place. NOTE: The Party Wall Act of 1996 also applies to all party walls.

Is your chimney located on a Party Wall?

If you have answered yes to this then you will require an informal or formal Party Wall agreement when you line your chimney with a flue liner or alter the fireplace opening in any way for your woodstove, in line with the Party Wall Act of 1996.

We can prepare an informal agreement which notifies your neighbour of the work being carried out on the party wall chimney. Your neighbour could of course reject this informal agreement and request a more formal agreement from a Party Wall surveyor. However from experience most neighbours are happy to sign an informal agreement as normal common sense applies and most neighbours understand this requirement. Please note that you should never rely on a verbal agreement.

Party Wall Act 1996

The Act provides a framework for preventing or resolving disputes in relation to party walls, party structures, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. For more information on the Party Wall Act 1996 please click on the link:

Flue and stove maintenance

As well as having your chimney swept at the end of each season, your woodstove should also undergo regular servicing to ensure it is burning efficiently and safely.  Often this is something you can do yourself, ordering any replacement parts from The Woodstove Shop.  Alternatively we can arrange for our engineer to visit to carry out a full service and safety test for you.

Our engineers will follow a comprehensive service check list:

- Dust sheet access point and service area

- Prepare stove and chimney for sweeping

- Sweep flue - power sweep

- Sweep flue - standard brush

- Clean flue - metal flail small scale

- Replace door seal

- Dismantle glass and replace glass seal

- Reassemble the stove's internal components if taken out

- Smoke test appliance

- Check battery in CO alarm.  If faulty then supply a new CO alarm and fit

- Discuss with the customer any faults found

- If you feel the stove and/or installation is unsafe to use, then inform the customer and give further advice and ask the customer to sign to confirm this

- Remove dust sheets and leave tidy

- Leave waste generated on site or remove waste at extra cost

- Ask customer to sign to confirm works carried out

We allow two hours on site for a service which may include replacing parts and rebuilding of stoves. Sometimes we remove the stove entirely from site and return it to our fully equipped workshop. For large items, such as entire woodstoves, media blast cleaning is carried out by a licensed specialist whilst small items are renovated in our own blast cabinet.